Veteran's Choice CC Announcement

Today I'm so excited to announce that veteran’s choice will be participating with my Consumer Connect program. Veteran’s Choice Home Loans is a company I’ve been very passionate about for several years now.

The VA mortgage market is extremely competitive these days. Veterans are bombarded with mail, emails, and calls regularly in an effort to gain their business. So I thought for a long time about how we could better serve our veterans and differentiate ourselves in the market at the same time. When talking to the leadership team at InterContinental Group we knew it would take a full understanding of the team products available to them. So of course after learning so much with the consumers I’ve already spoken with it was an easy choice to continue the process with this different group of consumers as well.

The recruiting efforts took almost a year to attract the right personal to the lead the veteran’s choice initiative and we are still looking to add more talent to insure we are best positioned to meet the expectations of our veteran borrowers. Our mission is still the same… we want to completely change the process and take the industry standards that aren’t working or causing issues and fix them until they make sense.

I'm excited to speak to our veteran new home buyers and refinancers to get insights into their opinion of the team’s product knowledge and accessibility during the home loan process. The VA loan process is different than a conventional or other various types of loans so it will be very interesting to hear from different veterans on how it went. I’ve already spoken to so many different types of people with a lot of different types of problems. But I’m very excited to speak to this group and learn about how their experiences were different or similar. The treatment that some veterans get is less than ideal so creating a better VA loan process for them is something near and dear to my heart.

The next few weeks will be exciting for me as Veteran’s Choice Home Loans is a company I am proud to be a part of and extremely committed to. Veterans deserve a great experience and trusted professionals to guide them through the home loan decision process the way the guided our country every day as they served all of us.

Every week and every day I’m excited to pick up the phone and talk to consumers about their experiences. I love to learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly so we can completely change the industry as it is now. Adding a VA loan category to the mix and talking to different people will just allow us to cover all bases in the loan industry and ensure we change absolutely all the issues, no matter what type of loan is being processed. I’m thankful to Veteran’s Choice for helping me with this process and being a partner in the madness that is the Consumer Connect project and mission!

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