Dustin DiMisa’s Unique Connection with Veteran's Choice

Veteran's Choice VA loans from the Veterans Administration loans are invaluable for homebuyers. The more consumers I speak with, the more I believe how beneficial this product is compared to all others if you are a veteran.

Consumers qualify for a VA loan if they are an active duty service member, a veteran in good standing, a current or discharged National Guard or Selected Reserve member, a spouse of a service member who died on active duty, or a spouse of a veteran who died as a result of military service.The product advantages include little or no money down, qualifying with a lower credit score, great interest rates, and no private mortgage insurance requirements.

Our loans are administered as an approved lending institution with the Veterans Administration and our loans are backed through an entitlement of up to $36,000. This entitlement can guarantee a home loan of up to $417,000 and possibly higher in some high-cost counties.

We don’t just help you buy a house, we can also help you build your dream home or renovate your current home. We believe that our veterans deserve to get their ideal place of living after everything that they’ve done for our country on the front lines. Once you have fully paid off the loan you can even apply for another one by requesting a restoration of entitlement from the veteran’s administration.

Most veterans get confused as to where exactly they can get the loan. The first step is to go to the veteran’s administration and apply for a certificate of eligibility or COE. The veteran’s administration in itself does not give out loans but has the ability to insure loans that you take out at a bank or mortgage company. Unlike most loans which give 80%(or even less) of the appraised property value, VA loans will fully finance the purchase of your property.

VA loans also have fewer additional fees that banks normally charge to trap their clients in a financial pit in a practice called “predatory lending” or “loan sharking”. The only thing that you need to pay when finalizing your VA loan is a small funding fee(often not more than 4% of the total loan amount). There are no additional hidden fees, down payments, or other advances needed upon finalizing your VA home loan.

You can purchase pre-existing properties or have a new house built with your VA loan, however, you cannot purchase land using your VA loan as this will be an immediate violation of the terms and conditions and could lead to the cancellation of your loan and in some cases, further legal action.

The VA eligibility only applies to the veteran, or if the veteran is deceased, the surviving spouse. Direct relatives, next of kin, and parents of the veteran are not permitted to use the eligibility of the veteran even upon his or her death. VA loans cannot be used to start a business, company, or any commercial entity. If you wish to apply for a commercial loan then inquire at your bank, mortgage company, or local veteran’s administration outlet for more information.

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